Racingline Performance Intake System - Audi TTRS 2.5 TFSI


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The Racingline Performance Cold-Air Intake System kit delivers cold fresh air from outside the engine bay straight to your engine for the Audi TTRS models via a large-diameter free-flowing intake pipe.

The Racingline Performance Cold-Air Intake System replaces the factory intake circuit with an efficient, high flow intake system that utilizes a reusable lifetime foam filter.

The Racingline Performance Intake filter is constructed from three layer open-cell polyurethane form, which gives a high level of filtration to protect the engine from contaminants in the air, while not greatly restricting airflow. This same filter material is used by F1 teams around the world due to it's excellent filtration and airflow properties. In Volkswagen Racing's experience, cheaper foam filter materials are unable to deliver the same flow and filtration meaning a compromise for your engine.

Through improving airflow to the engine and keeping intake temperatures low, more power can be produced, turbo lag can be reduced and better fuel economy may be achieved. These gains are maximized as airflow requirements increase as seen with our APR ECU Software

The Racingline Performance Intake System is a ram air style intake, meaning the opening is connected to the factory inlet which draws air directly from the leading edge of the hood. Hot engine bay heat is deflected by the intake housing meaning intake air is only drawn from outside the engine bay. Continuous clamping force hose clamp allows for even clamping pressure around the entire hose making for a nice secure fitment..

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