Racingline Streetsport+ - Golf Mk 7 Independent Rear Suspension

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Volkswagen Racing Streetsport+ Coilovers:

Volkswagen Racing Coilover suspension offers independent front and rear height adjustment allowing the user to dial in suspension ride height appropriate for their driving environment. The Volkswagen Racing StreetSport+ Coilover Suspension is offered as a fixed damper system while the Volkswagen Racing StreetSport Plus Coilover Suspension offering 12 point front and rear damping adjustment. The StreetSport System is designed as an equal balance between soft and stiff with more of a focus on daily driven vehicles not looking for an extra range of adjustability. The StreetSport Plus System's damper bump and rebound adjustments allow the user to move 6 settings softer or stiffer than that offered by the StreetSport System for the ultimate experience.

By offering adjustable damping, the StreetSport Plus system allows users to soften the suspension while driving casually on the street or to stiffen the suspension during spirited driving and track use. Over the years, Volkswagen Racing has discovered systems offering more adjustability often result in the end user adjusting far out of spec, resulting in a heavily undesirable driving experience. By controlling damping through one adjustment, users can feel the difference with every click, ensuring the right damping selection was made.

Accessing the adjuster knobs is easy as no tools or disassembly are required for both front and rear adjustments.

Linear Spring Upgrade:

Volkswagen Racing springs are delicately selected per each vehicle chassis' design and weight. Volkswagen Racing springs are power-coated blue with Volkswagen Racing Logos etched in and come standard as progressive springs. Progressive springs offer a comfortable daily driving experience on the street and offer excellent control over the bumps and sudden elevation changes seen on streets around the world. 

For the track minded enthusiast, a full linear front and rear spring is available. Linear springs offer superior control on the track over progressive springs but do so at the cost of comfort on the street. These springs are designed to directly swap onto your StreetSport or StreetSport Plus suspension and are an excellent upgrade for anyone who frequents the track. Many Volkswagen Racing customers simply swap to the linear springs for a track day even and then back to the progressive springs when on the street.

Adjustable Top Mounts:

Both Volkswagen Racing Suspension Systems are fully compatible with Volkswagen Racing Camber Plates. Unlike many camber plates available on the market, these plates are a direct swap that require no cutting and are completely reversible back to stock. The Volkswagen Racing Camber Plates offer several degrees of camber adjustment allowing the track minded customer to dial in the suspension even further without breaking the bank. Upgrading camber plates will always increase noise to some degree, therefor are offered as an option for the spirited driver looking to maximize his or her experience with the ultimate in performance. At this time, camber plates are only available for those with the upgraded Linear Springs.

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