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To be installed as a kit with 776111

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Neuspeed Sport Springs - Audi S4 B5 -20mm

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Polished quad 90mm Daytona trims (Valance will...

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2WD (Coupe) From Years: 1997 - 2004

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Neuspeed Stainless Steel Brake Lines - Golf Mk4...

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Milltek Classic Exhaust Manifold - Mk2 Golf GTI 8V

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Polished quad Ø83mm Daytona trims. Audi part...


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About VRS

  • Here at VRS, independent Audi VW Specialists in Northampton, we pride ourselves in taking complete care of your car. Whether it's advice on parts or fitments, to managing and creating your dream car, we can do this. We use the best parts at affordable prices, with special attention to budgets and style.

    If you're looking for a fully spec'd out show car with all the trimmings, or for a hard hitting track car, this is what we do.

Rolling Road

2400BHP 4WD dyno

  • VRS has a new 2400BHP 4WD dyno and a Dyno Cell. Get your car booked in for power runs and Software.

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