Ecotune 1.8TSI LPFP Upgrade


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Ecotune 1.8TSI EA888.3 Low Pressure Fuel Pump Upgrade

£525.00 Inc. VAT

• Fully assembled, plug and play.
• The perfect drop-in fueling solution for your high powered build.
• Brand new Bosch OEM Housing
• Fully Ethanol blend compatible
• Peak Flow of 162LPH

On tuned models beyond Stage 2, the original LPFP quickly reaches its flow and pressure capacity resulting in fuel pressure drop and reliability concerns. Developed in conjunction with our other Ecotune fueling upgrades, the Ecotune 1.8TSI LPFP kit addresses those hardware limitations and with the appropriate ECU calibration will provide stable fuel pressure with full control in low and high load scenarios.

This kit has been meticulously designed, assembled and quality controlled at Ecotune UK's HQ to enable your high power build to reach its full potential without the concern of fuel delivery capacity.

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